My name is Sara de la Rosa and I’m a former freelance magazine writer with a bachelor degree in journalism. I plan to go back to school for a masters when I have enough money. A few of my bucket list items: having some of my paintings displayed in a gallery, publishing a graphic novel, playing music in front of a crowd, seeing a narwhal in real life (I guess I’ll have to go to the arctic), writing an article for National Geographic, U.S. road trip, going to India, and to see the pyramids in Mexico.

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  1. That is quite the bucket list.

  2. I’ve written an article and had it published. On my blog 😉 Seriously, my daughter wrote a poem and it was published in a book and I am really proud of her for that.

    I do like your bucket list, it’s real.

    • Hey that’s really nice. That’s something she can always be proud of. My bucket list is kind of silly I guess, because I haven’t given up a lot of my childhood ambitions (like the narwhal thing, I really love them for some reason), but I’m actually kind of close to crossing a couple of them off.

      • Brilliant. Which one’s? Playing public? I have played in public. I just remembered. I was in the Salvation Army band in 1980-1982. Good job I could read music because I’m tone deaf and can’t sing haha

      • Actually yeah. I’ve been taking lessons and I’m becoming quite the guitar player if I may say so! 🙂 Haha. I’m planning on performing at this little restaurant close to where I live. Also my graphic novel is coming along quite nicely. I will have to look up the Salvation Army Band. What do you play?

      • I don’t any more. I used to play the cornet and flugelhorn. Not at the same time though 😉

        What’s your graphic novel about?

      • It’s really science-fictiony and hard to describe without making myself sound like a giant nerd. Maybe I’ll post some sketches instead of trying to explain it. I just realized I don’t know what a flugelhorn is. Need to look that up too.

      • It’s a brass instrument. A little smaller than an oboe

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, liking my photos, and commenting! I appreciate it very much. 😀

  4. You only go around once in life, so take full advantage of it and do all that you dream of doing so you will never have any regrets. You are a very good writer my sister, and I am blessed by your visit and honored to be able to embrace your words! Thank you for visiting my site!

  5. You have some great life plans. Wonderful. Having just read your tribute to your grandfather, I am sure that, if you have inherited even a small part of his work ethic and determination, you will achieve all that you want to.

  6. You do have some great plans for your life! Go for it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Sara, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I love your reading your posts. Keep writing and celebrate doing it! 🙂

    • Thank you! I apologize that it took me so long to accept but I’m working on it now. It’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog. I lost my job recently and I’ve been zealously busy looking for a new one. So I haven’t been doing much blogging. And I’ve really missed it. 🙂

      • No need to apologize Sara! I`m so sorry to hear you lost your job.. it must be hard for you. I wish you the best of luck to find a new one. Don`t forget to stay positive and enjoy your free time while you can. Take care and have a good day!

  8. We translate National Geographic articles through the NYT’s (for the Brazilian market) and from the three posts of yours i just read you would do a million times better than most of the stuff i see.

    You blog looks great. Definitely worth a follow!

  9. Sarah, see this Award as a gesture of Gratitude, because that`s what it is. I found you deserved the Inner Peace Award and that`s why I nominated you.
    Thank you very much for stopping by at my blog, for commenting, for the likes but especially for being such a wonderful person.

  10. My bucket list included things like seeing Alaska and Hawaii – and driving in New York City. It’s funny how once it makes it to the bucket list it seems to work its way into our reality! There were many other things on it too. They’re all accomplished. The only thing remaining at the moment is to see the rest of the US. I only have six states to go!

    Thanks for stopping by Lesson by Heart. Best wishes for your Bucket List!

    Praising Jesus for giving us an amazing world to explore!

    • Thanks! That sounds awesome. I want to do a long road trip from my home in Texas up to Colorado or something. I haven’t seen very much of the U.S. Sounds like fun. Have fun checking off those last six states!

      • The New York trip was…well…interesting. I was in a rental car and no sooner had passed through the Holland Tunnel when I realized I desperately needed a restroom. In NYC, you can’t just pull into a convenience store – and parking was $7.50 per hour…and full.

        I got lost getting back to the tunnel. Things were getting desperate. I began to squirm in my seat. At last I found it and drove the longest drive of my life.

        Back on the Jersey side (by now I was hopping up and down in my seat while driving), I was relieved when there was a gas station just outside the tunnel.

        Pulling into the parking lot, I slammed the car into park, grabbed my purse and keys, locked the door and ran to the Ladies room – OUT OF ORDER! NOT GOOD!

        Got back in my car, drove across the road, went through all the procedures listed above, and ran for the women’s room – the door was ajar. Phew!

        Stepping into the room, I noticed that someone had urinated all over the toilet and the walls. Not only that, but the lock was broken. Too bad. I “hovered.”

        In the midst of my activity, a man walked into the room (there was no stall – just the toilet and a sink!), pardoned himself and left.

        On my way out, I noticed that I’d accidentally gone into the men’s room.

        That was my adventure in New York City. I tell you because it was hilarious – and we won’t meet this side of heaven, so I won’t have to be embarrassed that I told you this best story of my life!!! 🙂

        May your bucket list afford you some fun stories as well!


      • Wow haha. Having to pee and not being able to find a bathroom can put a huge damper on any road trip. I would be just about ready to go home after all that. 🙂

  11. Best wishes for all you are trying to achieve: your blog has a fascinating title.

    • Thanks! Drawing smoke coming out of bottles just seems to be a thing with me. Like the drawing in my blog banner. I don’t know why, but it seemed like a good title. 🙂

  12. The narwhal goal cracks me up.

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