The Lonely Dreamer


Sundowner Lake Sunset, photo by Delene Allen, 2013

Never growing up is an art, an ambition in itself. It’s never quite as simple as it sounds in story books. There’s no Neverland to fly to, no fountain of youth. We get older and the world kills our imaginations and our wonder. It tries to explain everything. Holding onto our innocence and wonder in the face of the world becomes impossible, because we lose our faith in the impossible. Living life as a dreamer, and holding onto the things you dreamed about when you were young often makes a person the subject of judgment from those who would consider themselves more mature or worldly.

People live life at different paces. You may not have a perfect marriage, or children or a career as early in life as you’re supposed to, but instead only faith, childish imagination or unrealistic dreams. Hanging onto such things might make you feel foolish, but it’s less foolish than letting them go. Most of the best aspirations are somewhat silly, and they may never be successful, but they should never be forgotten either. Life is not all about making dreams come true, but much of life is indeed about never selling out. None of us have to live the way our societies tell us to, and we should never have to apologize or make excuses for our dreams and beliefs.

“…So here’s hoping you’ve faith in impossible schemes…” ~Jethro Tull, Reasons for Waiting

~ by Sara on September 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Lonely Dreamer”

  1. Well said. I believe ‘everything in moderation’. Dream, but secure yourself 🙂 Don’t fall completely into one or another unless it makes absolutely happy to do so. Then you should.

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