Very Best of Michael Schenker Music Book

very best of michael schenker

While I was Christmas shopping I ran across this: The Michael Schenker songbook. It’s pretty amazing. I bought a copy for me and one for my dad, who is a guitar player and a Michael Schenker fan. It’s mainly sheet music, so it’s interesting to transfer these songs over to instruments other than the guitar, like the piano or banjo. This may seem sacrilegious to any true fan of this man, but it’s really fun. And if you can’t read music, the book has guitar tabs also.

It’s a useful book if you are a guitarist who really wants to figure out and study Schenker’s playing style. He can be hard to figure out, whether you’re just starting out or a full-blown professional. This book is a good cheat for when you get stuck, but I think that using it to figure out entire songs is actually much more difficult than figuring him out by just watching videos of him playing. But I’m not really a tab or sheet music user so maybe it’s just hard for me.

Of course if you’re a real musician you don’t want to use the book to totally rip off this man’s style (which would be very difficult anyway), but it’s definitely a music book that’s fun to play with. I wish it had that UFO Love to Love song in it. That would sound great on the piano. I guess there isn’t much more to say about it. I just found it noteworthy.

Song list:

Are You Ready to Rock

Armed and Ready

Attack of the Mad Axeman

Captain Nemo

Cry for the Nations

Doctor, Doctor

Gimme Your Love

Into the Arena

Lights Out

On and On

Rock Bottom

Rock My Nights Away

Save Yourself


Photo from Best of the Michael Schenker Group 1980-1984 album jacket

“The music is a personal expression, like art. It is something that you like doing that comes from within, and is an expression that comes from God. That is why artists are beautiful and why people who copy are not really artistic.” – Michael Schenker (

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~ by Sara on December 11, 2012.

5 Responses to “Very Best of Michael Schenker Music Book”

  1. I have seen this songbook, and I feel the challenge to try it out on the piano.

  2. I’ve got this one! I’m just boring and use it for playing the guitar though… no piano or banjo! I do wish there was more UFO on there. Love to Love and I’m a Loser would be great for guitar (and piano!).

    • That’s really cool. There are so few people who have even heard of him or UFO. It’s pretty sad. But yeah you’re right, I’m a Loser would sound good on the piano. I’ve always intended to figure out the keyboard parts from Love to Love but it hasn’t happened yet.

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