What is Art?

Someone told me the other day that any creative act is art, and thus I guess practically everything could be considered art. You’ll have to bear with me, I’m just sitting in my office and it’s Tuesday and I’m bored, and this has been cooking in my brain for some reason, the definition of art I mean. So it may seem like kind of an arbitrary argument, but I disagree with the idea that anything is art. Some things are art and some things are definitely not. But how do you define which is what?

I think it’s a question of sincerity, not of talent or artistic ability, but of honesty. I view art as creation, and creation as something that not just anybody can do. You have to know how, you have to understand what it takes. I can define it best by explaining one of the ways that I perceive God, and relating it to how I perceive the artist, who is only a small metaphor of God.

I see God as a great, inexhaustible mass of life, and all things that have life are pieces of God. I see God as the great artist, knowing the depths of sorrow and beyond. I think that he tore out pieces of himself to create each person, every life, and that it was not so easy as we tend to think. And then to watch us, pieces of his own life, fail and suffer every day; to not understand what we are, or to even believe that we truly live. I imagine God hurts. All artists suffer.

But there is joy in creation, which is why he gave it to us to experience on a smaller level. So what is art? It’s only creation. And when we create we hurt too, and we understand the pain a little better every time. I think that art is what happens when you tear out a piece of yourself and put it into something you created. Maybe if we tap into it, we can have inexhaustible life to tear from ourselves and give, not just for art but for all things as well.

All original content copyright S.D. de la Rosa, 2012.


~ by Sara on November 13, 2012.

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