Today I saw some tiny plants in a garden near the place I work, just beginning to push their way up out of the dirt. They were so small and fragile, and bent awkwardly as though they were toiling to push their way upward toward the light and sky and the open air. I don’t know what kind of plants they were, just common landscaping I guess, nothing extraordinarily beautiful to most of us, but they reminded me of us, of people. They were like a still frame capturing a moment of struggle, of pain and desperate pursuit toward their purpose and their reason for living. These plants know what they are supposed to do, and what they are made for, and they strive toward it with faith that we don’t understand. They don’t care about the possibility of failure, they grow anyway. If only we could understand the simplicity of our purpose and accept its challenges like that. They become big beautiful plants and trees, everything they’re supposed to be. What could we become?

All original content copyright S.D. de la Rosa, 2012.


~ by Sara on October 30, 2012.

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